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Mineral Exploration and Mining

Mineral Exploration and Mining

We provide mineral exploration and mining services at all stages of exploration including green-field exploration, brownfield exploration, mine feasibility studies, mine commencement, mine expansion and closure.

Exploration project management

We are experts in a wide range of commodities, geological settings and mineralization types. We are competent in the provision of the following services:

  • Geological Mapping

    We are experts in geological mapping including surface mapping and interpretation of litho-structural features using up to date techniques and procedures.
  • Geochemical Soil Sampling

    Our geochemical soil sampling team is comprised of experienced field geologists and technicians having several years of experience in conducting soil sampling programs. Our clients can bank on timely completion of soil sampling programs with accurate records of sample and peg data.
  • RC and Auger Drilling

    We have significant expertise in delivering auger and RC drilling programs to a depth of 30m and 150m respectively. Our fleet of man-portable, minimal impact auger and RC rigs and our team of drillers, geologists and technicians are available to provide environment-friendly and niche services for our clients.
  • Diamond Drill Core Logging

    Our geologists and technicians perform all activities related to diamond drilling programs including core orientation and mark-up, core photography, geological, geotechnical and structural logging, interpretation of down hole data, and presentation of results to investors. Interpretation of hole data includes plotting of stereographic projections rose diagrams in order to target complex ore bodies and reduce drilling costs.


Our drilling services include planning, supervision, execution and management of all types of drilling programs, including Diamond drilling, RC drilling, Auger drilling and Aircore/RAB. We perform geological, geotechnical and structural logging of oriented diamond drill core. We currently have a fleet of Man Portable RC and Auger Rigs and are experts in delivering auger drilling programs of up to a depth of 30m.